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A twenty-something cooking in a poky kitchen in Elephant & Castle.

I recently quit my job in law to pursue journalism, which was obviously a great idea at the start of a cost-of-living crisis. But I love to eat well, and for me that means seasonally, wastelessly and creatively. 

So to challenge myself and make the pennies stretch, I'm picking one Market Star at a time from the many bounteous markets around London. I  create a handful of recipes based on that ingredient, using mostly store-cupboard or back-of-the-fridge ingredients to zhuzh them up. If the Market Star is produce, I'll make sure it's seasonal. If it's not, I'll pair it with something seasonal.

Shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Newcomers Award 2023.

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'Nduja Pissaladière

The spicy Calabria-Provence mash-up you know you wanted. It miiiiiight have been an error to turn the oven down so a friend and I could...

'Nduja Aioli (with Artichoke)

A shout-out to the artichokes tumbling out of their crates in the markets right now. I associate them with sunny French lunches or...

Wild Garlic Avgolemono

This is a very silky, aromatic, cream-less Greek soup which gets its rich texture from eggs tempered with lemon. That sounds a bit...

White Cabbage Potstickers

I have a terrible habit of ordering gyoza in, especially when hungover. There's a wonderful place in Elephant & Castle that does pork...

Parsnip toastie and chilli jam

I told a friend I wanted to make an oozy, cheesy, parsnip toastie, the insides sharpened with red onion, the outsides crisp and buttery,...

Parsnip tarte tatin

An easy, cheap, one-pan weeknight supper that looks great and features puff pastry – what’s not to love? Serves 1 hungry person, or two...


And so to another childhood recipe, this time from my mother. You’ve heard of French toast, and all of its Bottomless Brunch forms, but...

Pappa al pomodoro

Euf, this soup is satisfying. It’s thrifty, it’s flavourful, and unlike a lot of my favourite soups, it’s actually filling. The bread...

A wintry bread salad

This is a bright and warming salad for the wintry months, featuring another market hero from this week’s haul – cavolo nero. The bread is...

Gorgonzola and Radicchio Pasta

Easy, indulgent, warming. I've made this for dinner when I've needed to work late and it has cheered me up. Use a pasta shape that will...

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

It's bloody cold outside. And when it's blustering and snowing like this, we're fortunate that one of nature's earthiest and ugliest...

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