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Wild Garlic Multipurpose Butter

Well, this is dead easy and dead pleasing. I first made this for chicken kievs last year, then when there was a load left over in the fridge, slathered it over halved lobsters and crayfish as they seared on the barbecue. Glass of rose in one hand, tongs arranging the seafood as the vivid salty butter melts all over them – these are my dreams of spring evenings when the light lasts.

You could use this for a multitude of delicious sins: pile it on a hassel-backed baguette for garlic bread with a difference, toss boiled new potatoes in it for a quick barbecue side salad, melt and trickle it into egg yolks and lemon juice as the base for a wild garlic mayonnaise, or hollandaise, or bearnaise…

And all you do is mix softened butter with chopped wild garlic (add in a minced clove of garlic if you want extra oomph) and flaked sea salt. Roll it up into a log in paper or cling film, chill and use as required.

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